Technology and pearls

The following are some unformed, unresearched thoughts. But I wanted to write them, as perhaps a seed of something else to come.

In the 19th century, in Europe and in North America, an adult education movement flowered. Parallel to the industrial revolution, adults who had not had opportunities for education as children, but who either saw more opportunities as for a man with education to succeed economically, or who had reached a comfortable enough level of economic independence that education became a goal for its own sake. I envision here, for Guatemala and countries like it, where 19th century social and economic relations still exist, that an adult education movement could flower, and transform the country. I think of Paul de Filipo´s book, The Steampunk Trilogy, where he writes of a Victorian social structure with 23rd century technology, and it seems in many ways like the future of Guatemala. As foreign technology is adopted here, with all its consequent social and economic effects, the social structure will mal-adapt, creating artificial layers of structures, like pearls or cysts, around the introduced technology. Until LDCs start innovating indigenous technology, technology will always be the grains of sand in the organisms of the country.


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