Give back to libraries and individuals in need

My colleague at WJ wrote this wonderful piece about libraries giving back during the winter holidays.  Of course the image on the WJ homepage is of two WJ staffers in New Orleans volunteering during a Libraries Build Communities event, which I’m sure their sweaty faces can attest was in weather a lot hotter than most winter months, the thought of helping when disaster strikes is the same.  Libraries as institutions already do so much for their communities, but during this month where needs are intensified due to weather, family stress, loneliness, poverty, homelessness, and general bad luck, libraries can play an even larger role in being a positive force in their communities.


I recently came across this SLA project and wondered if it still was going, and what other disasters it had become involved with since Katrina.  I’ve emailed the contact given in the article.  I will keep you posted as to what I hear back.

Undocumented workers victimized in CA wildfires

As a follow up to my previous post about the California wildfires, here is another article about the unreported victims of the widfires.

There have been a lot of disasters in the news recently, and I’ve been remiss on writing about them. Now that I have a little time over the holidays to do some more writing, I’ll try to get some more posts up.