CNN Library hit by tornado in Atlanta

My poor Dad, who lives in the Atlanta area, got a call from me late last night as I watched the story of a tornado ripping through Atlanta unfolding on CNN.  He’s okay and the house is okay, but apparently there has been some heavy damage and some serious injuries, particularly in East Atlanta’s Cabbagetown.  The CNN Library took a hit as well.

Windows also were shattered in the newsroom, with staffers saying that there was a computer missing — apparently sucked through one of the windows. CNN’s library was also damaged.

Apparently windows were shattered in the library.  The library serves as a research center and archive for CNN television and websites and other Turner companies.


2 Responses

  1. We would have loved to hear about folks like your dad — real people living the real storm. We did not get that from CNN.

    This poster tries to be funny about it:
    but it’s not too far off the mark for those of us outside the region with family in the region who have come to rely on CNN for quick information. We simply did not get that this time from them. They made themselves the story, always a mistake.

  2. I agree that the narcissistic coverage is irritating. I really wanted to tell them to get into the news van, and start driving! Film something outside your own building!

    Of course, at 9 p.m. Seattle time, where I am, the storm had passed already and my dad was sound asleep. I had happened to flip over to CNN at that time, and I was caught up in their hysteria – hence the midnight wake up call I gave my dad.

    However, I would like to hear whether anything in the CNN library/archives were damaged in the storm. Computers are replaceable. Original film and audio is not.

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