Developing a Disaster Plan (Live Online)

SOLINET is offering a live online class on developing a disaster plan. The audience is for staff members responsible for organizing, writing, and implementing an institution-wide disaster-preparedness plan in academic, public, and special libraries, archives, and historical societies.

Here is the description:

To prevent unnecessary loss of materials, institutions need knowledgeable staff and written plans for dealing with emergency situations so that fewer disasters occur and damage is minimized. Disaster planning requires the support and commitment of staff from many departments, including facilities and fiscal affairs. Plan preparation is more successful and effective when undertaken by a committee with staff representatives from across the institution.
This web-based class is designed to support the work of an institution’s disaster planning committee. Homework assignments will require input and support from a variety of staff members. Taught in three two-hour sessions over the course of six weeks, it guides participants through the development of a written disaster plan. The modules cover establishment of a planning structure, information gathering, including risk assessment and resource list development, setting recovery priorities, an overview of recovery procedures, plan development, and working with disaster recovery vendors. Participants are invited to submit their completed plans for review.


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