My first conference presentation

So I’ve survived my very first professional conference presentation. I think it went well. When I occassionally looked out into the audience while I was speaking, I saw heads nodding and faces smiling. Good sign.

It was a bit surreal listening to the translator speaking into the microphone at the side of the room while I was talking. And seeing the delayed reaction of the people who were wearing the headphones to what I was saying. But bravo to Reforma National Conference for providing such a great service to the multi-lingual audience.

You can see my presentation slides, and those of my co-presenters Loida Garcia-Febo and AnaRita Puertas-Meyers on Webjunction at

I spoke about online communities, storytelling, and user experience design. I’m a dilettante, at best, in all three, but I hope I was able to connect the dots for some people. It was fun researching and writing the presentation. If we get accepted to the ALA conference 2009, then we’ll have a chance to give the presentation again.


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