Wendy Harman of the Red Cross on Use of Social Media in Disasters

The American Red Cross employs social media “listener” Wendy Harman to monitor social networking sites such as flickr, twitter, Facebook, etc. to uncover, aggregate and share back with the public news and information about natural disasters. Read this interview with Beth Kanter on how Wendy uses social media.

New listserv for librarians interested in disaster preparedness

I’ve been on DISASTER-OUTREACH-LIB from NLM/NIH for a couple of months now, and I see some pretty good information come through. It’s not a super-active list, so it’s easy to keep track. There is a f ocus on health information, since it sponsored by the National Library of Medicine, but I’ve seen other topics covered as well.

Find more information about it and other NLM resources here.

Job Opportunity: Medical Librarian with Focus on Disaster Preparedness

Interesting opportunity in Bethesda, Maryland for someone with a health library background to engage more directly with disaster preparedness.