Rising from the Rubble

Produced by the Sri Lanka Library Association, this 14 minute video details libraries’ recovery effort following the 2004 tsunami.

Power of voluntary actions

A lot of great points made in this article. Like the points made in Glennor Shirley’s blog, there are ideas here that transcend the situation they are discussing, i.e. global warming. Interesting insights are given into what motivates people to change their behavior for the greater good.

Here are some highlights:

“Numerous psychological studies have shown that people are more likely to agree to take a big action if they’ve previously agreed to smaller, similar actions. ”

“Small behaviors are important not only for the direct environmental impact they have, but because they often lead to more and more pro-environmental behaviors over time.”

“People reject scary messages like the danger of global warming if they don’t think there is anything feasible they can do to fix it.”

“Both voluntary action and policy changes were crucial to winning the war [WWII] .”

“Restrictive policies are not without their problems.”