The future of publishing in Guatemala

The interview in this month’s Criticas with Raul Figueroa moved me. It outlines why he started F & G Editores, one of the few publishers in Guatemala, and the struggles the publishing industry and reading culture face in his country. Here’s a note from the article:

This is a country where books and independent thinking were once considered crimes by the ruling military. Guatemalans are beginning to lose their fear of reading and having access to books.

Also featured in this month’s Criticas is a review of Linaje y racismo, which tells the history of the elite families that control Guatemala. A quote from the review:

Casaús shows that a fundamental aspect of the thinking and activities of these families was a racism that was used to justify suppression of the country’s indigenous majority population.

Guatemala is dear to my heart as I lived there for a short time. Salutaciones, compadres.