How to change the world

I’m reading David Bornstein’s How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas. It profiles 20 or so social entrepreneurs and outlines trends and history of social entrepreneurship. I have a certain feeling of gestalt today – reading about citizen sector on 4th of July while enjoying the fruits, literally, of my labor from my veggie garden.

Just finished reading about Gloria De Souza of the organization Parisar Asha. Here’s a quote that struck me:

There was nothing particularly novel about environmental education. The approach was well established in the United States, Canada, and Europe. … His (Ashoka’s) interest was not just in de Souza’s teaching ideas, but her ability to adapt them to India’s specific circumstances–then market them.

Here’s a bumper sticker for you: Ideas are just as good as their ability to spread.

Deborah Jacobs, and Better World Books

Two big events in library/book land this week.  One, Seattle City Librarian Deborah Jacobs is leaving Seattle Public and joining Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to lead the Global Libraries Initiative.  Also, Better World Books just received 2.5 million in growth capital from the Social Enterprise Expansion Fund.

Better World Books at PLA

I had a nice conversation with some of the brains behind Better World Books at their booth at PLA. They have developed recently a partnership with Room to Read, which I have written about before on this blog.  If your library is not already participating in this great social enterprise, then what are you waiting for?! Check out these libraries’ testimonials.

Friends of Avon Public Library have raised more than 1200 dollars for BWB from their donations.  As their partnership is refined, they will be making money for their own programming as well.

Enterprise and non-profits to fund libraries in Albania and Chad

IKEA is funding school libraries in Albania.  Book Wish Foundation is to fund libraries that serve refugees from Darfur.

Interview with Ethan Zuckerman, Global Voices Online co-founder

From Dropping Knowledge, this interview with Ethan Zuckerman, part 1 and part 2, introduced me to Global Voices Online. I didn’t realize he was also part of Geekcorps.

I found this story under Global Voices Online, Education about parents in Bahrain lamenting the state of education in her country.  One parent describes the need for information literacy and library skills to be taught.   I recommend people start subscribing to these feeds, if they aren’t already.

Online community

Because I work for an online community, I’m fascinated by the power of online communities for supporting and strengthening a project and engaging new people into your work. I recently learned about Social Edge, an online community for social entrepreneurs. Check out the video blog of Nick Talarico and Kjerstin Erickson talking about Library Boys.