Wendy Harman of the Red Cross on Use of Social Media in Disasters

The American Red Cross employs social media “listener” Wendy Harman to monitor social networking sites such as flickr, twitter, Facebook, etc. to uncover, aggregate and share back with the public news and information about natural disasters. Read this interview with Beth Kanter on how Wendy uses social media.

Link salad

I generally hate seeing these in my feed reader as I can’t be bothered to go click on a list of links if the author can’t take the time to give me some idea of what I’m going to be finding there (that good ol’ information scent).

But I haven’t been able to post all the stories and resources I’ve been finding, so here’s a list of links that I think you should go to:


Diversity in systems of knowledge

I recommended following this excellent blog about community health and libraries: Bringing Health Information to the Community.

This latest post points to MentorNet, which supports diversity in the science and engineering fields.  I’m also reading an article from the August issue of Information Outlook on Protecting Traditional Cultural Expressions. You must be a member of Special Libraries Association to read it, but it gives a good introduction to the complexity of the issue of copyright, intellectual property, and traditional and indigenous cultures.

In conjunction, both articles call for a new, cooperative worldview that respects, protects, and learns from multiple systems of knowledge.

New directions in my life

I haven’t been writing much because I’ve been putting other things in motion in my professional life.  I’m excited to share that I am the new editor of Interface, the membership journal of ASCLA (The Association of Specialized and Cooperative Libraries).  I’ve also just accepted a position on the American Library Association’s International Relations Committee, Americas subcommittee.  The next two years will be busy, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.  I hope to find time to write more about these experiences here.

Death by book

So not exactly the on topic for this blog, but my former life as a bookseller demands I share the story of a bookseller killed by books:

Law Chi Wah, a well known independent book store owner in Hong Kong, was killed by the collapsing book boxes in his small warehouse before Lunar New Years. His body was found two weeks later, already rotten. Douban (zh) has set up a special page for this book martyr. His friends and acquaintances set up a blog (zh) in memory of him and his book store.